Virtual Vienna

As a tourist, taking a walk around the city of Vienna is a wonderful thing. But it is also quite tiring. Virtual Vienna lets you visit Vienna's most famous locations of its rich musical history, all without leaving this exhibit!

Vienna, Stephansplatz panorama
NaviPad photo

Each location is presented in a three-dimensional panoramic view with photo-realistic detail. You navigate with the NaviPad, our custom-designed input device.

To make this city tour a real source of knowledge, background information about any important building is available directly from inside this panorama. Plus, the NaviPad puts an electronic city map in your hands that not only lets you see where you are, but also jump from one end of Vienna to the other at the touch of a button (that's one of the big advantages of virtual city tours!).

A University Collaboration

This exhibit was created by a cooperation of Prof. Max Mühlhäuser's research group at the University of Darmstadt with the University of Linz, and the University of Ulm. Jan Borchers, now at Stanford University, was responsible for the overall design and project management.

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An Interactive Exhibit In the HOUSE OF MUSIC VIENNA

Vienna has been called the Capital Of Music for the last 200 years. It is a city of sounds and melodies, and in its centre lies the HOUSE OF MUSIC VIENNA <>. Inside, visitors are invited to listen to, see, and feel music. Thanks to a large number of interactive installations, every visitor can create music in a playful way. The centre opened in June 2000, and the Virtual Conductor is one of its most successful permanent exhibits.



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