Jan Borchers: Directions to Gates Building and the iRoom

Directions to the Gates Building are at http://forum.stanford.edu/visitor-info/directions-to-gates.html. Metered parking on the far side of the first floor of Parking Structure 1 on Roth Way (which is north of the Gates Building) is currently the only parking readily available. Bring 6 quarters per hour between 8am and 4pm Mon-Fri (at all other times it's free). It's a 5min walk from there to the Gates Building.

Directions to the iRoom inside the Gates Building:

From the Gates lobby, take the elevator down to the basement. Take a sharp left as you exit the elevator and walk down a narrow hallway. The iRoom is in room B23, on the left-hand side past bathrooms and a drinking fountain. The label on the door says "interactive room". Knock if the door isn't open.

After 5:30PM and on weekends, use the side entrance to Gates instead and walk down the stairs into the basement; you will end up at the same spot where you would normally exit the elevator.

If you need to call someone in the iRoom, the number is (650) 724-4673. Please only use if you need to talk to someone who is physically in that room.

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