Jan Borchers: Personal

Here's some random stuff about me, and things I'm interested in. For more info about my research in Human-Computer Interaction, interactive exhibits and HCI pattern languages, see my official home page. Otherwise, Share and Enjoy!

The Wuss-O-Meter

A high-precision indicator of how much of a wuss you are. Particularly applicable in the golfing scene. Complete with Stamp Of Approval and everything, this was brought online by Carolyn (where does she find the time?!). :)


I've been playing piano in a Jazz Quintet - the page is in German, but in any case you can hear some of our music there!

New: Some recordings from the student concert at the Stanford Jazz Workshop 2002 (after just 1 week of practice)! :)

LaTeX Stuff

I don't know about you, but every time I use Word for anything longer than one page, it drives me nuts. So I recently hacked the LaTeX style for ACM Proceedings to create a CHI Conference Proceedings LaTeX style. The class file chiproceedings.cls, currently at version 0.1, is still a bit rough, but supports most basic style features, and follows the SIGCHI Conference Publications Format. I have asked ACM to fine-tune and release it officially.

Psion/Mac Connectivity

Random Stuff

Good engineering lives forever - great story I got from a friend.

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